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Southside Saints

The Southside Saints is a hockey program serving Southern Wisconsin.  Our mission is to bring Hockey to more people by offering an in house recreational opportunity that doesn’t require  travel, huge time commitments or excessive cost.

Southside Saints Mission

With any good program you have defined objectives, ours are two fold.

1.  Create a recreational hockey outlet for kids that want to "dabble" in other sports.  This is perfect for the family that doesn't want to fully commit and would rather just have their kids playing to have fun.

2.  Create a club/travel based program for those families who do want more and have committed to playing hockey for the full winter season.  (coming soon)

Recreational Division

Open to Any kid in Southern Wisconsin that wants to try to play hockey, or any player that just wants some extra ice time for fun.

Who should join?

Anyone that is looking for a winter activity or is already a hockey player looking to have more fun with friends.  All ages from 3-14 are welcome.