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Coaches Club

The Wisconsin Hockey Development coaches club is a networking and educational opportunity designed to collaborate, discuss, support and build a community specifically for coaches and referees in Wisconsin. 

The club has engaged different keynote speakers, secured ice time for on ice sessions and will be a judge free zone for coaches and referees of all levels to hang out and build our community and improve our players.

Each meeting will consist of a presentation, participation from every coach along with an opportunity to share success's and issues, and of course social time to have one to one engagement opportunities.

Why is this needed

After talking to a lot of coaches and referees from different levels of play we have found one commonality - we need support.

The club will act as a safe haven for coaches and referees to ask questions, learn, vent, explore new opportunities, have some fun with like-minded people and our goal by doing this is to create a unified community to make Wisconsin's players have a better experience.

Who should join?

All levels of coaches, ALD's and referees.  Our goal is to have anyone who directly impacts players while they are on the ice be involved.  If coaches and referees both understand the same goals - bettering our players - the game will become more fun and the players will benefit greatly.

No Cost to Join